Author name: David Borgogni

David is an established, talented writer and content strategist who has a deep love for business tools, marketing strategies, branding. When he’s not testing new digital tools, you can find David building his ecomm founders site, My Brand Journey, where he interviews ecomm founders and compares tools and new digital business strategies.

BigCommerce CMS Guide

BigCommerce CMS Guide

Online sales are soaring as the global eCommerce market is expected to grow beyond the $5 trillion mark in 2022. It’s not a surprise that e-stores have become a necessity for entrepreneurs who want to remain competitive in their respective fields. The journey toward building a successful brand with thousands of daily e-store visits starts …

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Duda CMS Guide

Duda CMS Guide

The website launch is an initiation point into the world of online business, and yet so many freelancers and entrepreneurs hesitate to take this step because they think they lack the knowledge and time to design a website. Creating an official presentation of your organization or portfolio of your work is no longer a laborious …

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Joomla CMS Guide

It’s no secret that big brands choose to develop and manage their sites with Joomla because of its powerful website-building tools, open-source code, fast loading times, and cutting-edge security. Approximately 2.5 million websites, or around 3% of today’s Internet, were created with this CMS platform, but user-friendliness has never been Joomla’s strong suit because it …

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Best Email Marketing Services Guide

The online marketing community has been speaking about the death of email marketing for years. Despite what you may read online, email marketing is still one of the most efficient advertising techniques that enable businesses to promote their products. Certain practices, like generic messages with impersonal subject lines, have become obsolete due to their ineffectiveness, …

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